Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{its time}

Twice today, I heard it.
"when you going to write again?"
ya, slackish me. Here I am.
I NON voluntarily got dunked head first into a world of THEFT.
 and my life has been spiraling out of crazy control ever since.
On October the 3rd , Pool Guy and I woke up nice and early to go get our pools cleaned, as we had exactly 3 more days left to finish up before we flew away in a pressurized tube through the air at insane volumes of speed away from the smog, TARGET, pavement, and stop lights and 'bad-traffic'  to the land of cowboys and Indians, and wheat fields, and wiiiide open skies.
 O ya, so - we woke up early.
We walked out the door and James said- the pickup. Did I leave it somewhere last night?
No, honey. You parked it. RIGHT THERE. (insert vehement finger pointing as to where the pick-up WAS last night)
Ya, some goons hauled off in it. They went through my car. they pulled EVERYTHING apart.
and horror of horrors. (yes, I cried) they took my fabulous,bestie- Garmin Nuvi GPS.
 Took her. She tried. I know she will have kicked and shrieked with all her might to stay in my lil car. She is THAT trustworthy. she would NOT have left easily. She knows all to well how lost, and flabbergasted I get with out her in this land of honking horns, and paved roads, and over passes, and high way systems.
 She fought but they just took her like she was some piece of nothing.
 We called the police. But it was funny how in days gone by, I consoled, and comforted and laid awake at night 'dreaming' about the day IF some one should dare enter my home to thief. O little would that thief know how he had SURELY chosen the WRONG house, I mean for REAL!!! Our house is a mere 2 blocks from the STATION! 2 BLOCK! I mean LADIES, we are practically next door neighbours with the Atwater Police Department. and do you want to know something?!
 IT TOOK THEM A WHOLE 80 MINUTES to get here. well, ahem, they were having shift change after all. O yes, she apologized about the wait- O you called right during shift change.
 I know, I know. It's ok. It's just my dreams of being saved by an arm bearing police man when my house is being broke into while I am asleep are now SHATTERED. sniff, sniff.
 yes. they stole everything in our pick-up. Ripped off the stickers proclaiming we were a pool service company by the name of Aquatek. and claimed all of our tools were theirs by SELLING them.
 Even that DeWalt drill set I saved for, for months so that I could give it to James for Christmas. I cried really hard over this one. Except we are still not certain that both of the drills were in there so there is still hope that one of them is hiding out somewhere in our house.
 Ho, hum. Those police called us then the following night as we lay in bed, to tell us the pick up was found.
So we hopped across a few streets and down another and there sat our pick up. and there was 3 people in hand-cuffs.
 It was a pleasure to receive our pick up back, even though the guy who stole it left his court papers in it (from being released from jail 3 DAYS PRIOR, and his sand-which bags of marijuana, and all his clothes from jail IN THE PICKUP, they still could not prove it was him who stole it so he walked away. and I am left praying that he doesn't come back.
 I also pray that some how, some one, some where could help him see that his life could be a whole lot better. Stealing other people's stuff just so that you can buy your next bag of weed just seems not cool. really. a few days later I really started feeling bad for this kid...
  O this guy? He also is BIG into identity theft. yep. and being as our pick up was a business vehicle it housed business like papers. and exactly 9 hours before we climbed aboard that pressurized tube we were sitting at our bank (after hours mind you. yes, they rock ) filling out paper work to change all of our account info.
  it really messed up my life. I am still spinning. rent check getting sent 10 days late because I could not access our online accounts while at home because this guy stole our pickup--------- yada, yada, yada....

ps. excuse the abuse of caps lock. i feel a little dramatic about this here topic.
pss. i am not done telling you about the last 2 weeks.
pss. how far is the police station from your house?!
psssssst.  my last post was written approx. 8 hours before we realized our pick up was stolen.


  1. I wud use caps lock, too :) Can't wait to hear about the last 2 weeks! We r back in the sticks here... can hardly count Whitemouth's as a police station, so maybe an hour is our closest??

  2. Jenn, I hate that this had to happen to you... Good post tho. xoxo

  3. I'm still ticked that some moron made you go through this. However, I love your writing on it! Wish you were still here. . .

    1. I know I got kinda angry just writing this again! I know but we'll be back soon i hope ;)

  4. Hey Jenn,thanks for baring your heart! I have had my identity stolen and can sympathize with you on the hours of paperwork, phone calls,ect. Not to mention the anger and vulnerability I felt for months after.I will never feel 100% safe again and I hate that. Good luck as you plow through the aftermath of a theft.Love you....

    1. Ugh. At least they didn't get ahold of my green card and ssn... And yes. Now I am having trouble sleeping still.. Every time I wake up I think I hear our vehicles starting up... Not very settled :( so much for me staying home alone at night ...

  5. so sorry you had to go through that! And yes, I know all about burglaries in California...... I hated them each and every time! Loved the way you expressed yourself!

    1. Yikes you got thieved two times?!?! O I guess this is my 3rd. Twice here:( ugh.

  6. You have my deepest sympathies!!! I would be hysterical if my garmin nuvi got snatched too! Makes me thankful we live in the deep south, where neighbors with shotguns and dogs are all around us...once our neighbor man called danl while we were gone and reported that "2 women in dresses are standing on your porch!" it was only my mom and sis lol! :) he didn't recognize them or the vehicle and quickly alerted us!

  7. Im sorry, Jenn! It sure isn't fun to get burglarized! Just because we live way up north in Canada duzn't mean we're off the hook here... I felt violated when someone got into our shop when we were gone and helped themselves... And not just once on our yard either... Wish we had some of those shot gun toting neighbors!!!

  8. O dear... so sorry for y'all! We definitely aren't immune to burglaries in the south... but I feel pretty safe... our neighbor lady has called us to report what she thought was strange activity too! :) We have to call her & tell her who hunts our land and what they drive so she isn't suspicious of them. I still lock my doors when Daniel's gone in the truck though... :)


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