Wednesday, August 11, 2010

unmowed grass...unhappy me

ok. so I am frantically mowing my lawn... its about 30 feet by 15 thats just a guess:) any how I have ONE STRIP LEFT and i ran out of gas. I searched this whole little farm over looking for gas and with no luck already, I didn't find any. So my precious babied piece of lawn now has an ugly strip of tall straggly grass swooning around in the breeze... so long...

(nice lawn-mower,eh?!)


  1. Sounds like me only my problem is I cant start the thing so I tell Darin it doesn't work and guess what it starts for him the very first time!! Makes me furious!

  2. Nice.... I'm going out to mow right now so we'll see what my luck is!! I've got a Honda tho so that helps!!! Kay, later.


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