Tuesday, August 31, 2010

smogged? how weird is that?!

Now somebody please tell me if I am just dumb, or blonde, or naive, or all 3 because never in my entire life have i heard this- 'Can you take the pick-up to get SMOGGED tommorow' !!! It sounds awful. like flog, or something like suffocating someone and flogging them at the same time. Eeeek. I took it to this place that's called 'Jacks R Better' wow. you'd think it would at  least be a pleasant experience.but NO. this place is NOTHING like home-town Linden. Nothing at all. You know how when you walk into Esau Auto/OK Tire (back home) somebody in there is going to personally know your name and if they don't know your name  they know exactly who your father is... And they probably even know where you work, and how many kids you have, ect. And than you have good ole' Pete there that would ask me every time I went there- Hows the paper-work? He knew more about my papers than a lot of home-folks!!! and he also made James promise to treat me like a Queen for all my life when we were engaged and they met!!! Did I get off the topic?? (i miss home) So I walk into this place and sit down because - I WANT MY PICK-UP SMOGGED' and I have no desire to watch this happen! Luckily I had thrown a book in my bag so I had some entertainment and I wouldn't have to hear the wails and moans of my beloved GMC!!! but than - wouldn't you know - my pick-up is not passing the SMOG TEST!! Honestly. He told me the check engine light is on. I said- I know. It's because there is a malfunction in the fuel pump that sets it off!! Hello!! he did not believe me!! Darin Esau would You please phone him up and tell him YOUR MEN checked my pick-up last and it was FINE.  He never phoned him. because now. All because my GMC wouldn't pass the stupid test. We have to give that man "Jack" $300. to fix some dumb little sensor by the exhaust pipe so that the check engine light will go off. ( since when is the engine down there??)  O, well. If it'll keep our only set of wheels running a little longer than 'Jack, you take that money and you FIX it."  Cause I don't wanna get rid of that baby- James kissed me my very first time right in that pick-up!!!!!!!!!!!! (info. overload??)!!! I'm sentimental... has anyone caught on yet???!!! so long....:)


  1. Jenn,

    I'm still super lost about this smogged business with your truck. I agree--sounds horrible!!

    You are so funny!

    Miss ya!


  2. i think smogging is when they check your vehicle to make sure that the emissions are ok or something...they only do it when a vehicle is older than 7 years... I guess they probably blame all the vehicles in California for all the smog above the cities... I dunno... I'm still in the dark about it all too:)

  3. I hear your pain...... makes me extra thankful for where we live!

    This was delightful! Keep writing!

  4. you are too funny..............miss you much keep writing someday we will come see where you are.....

  5. In BC where I live - in the lower mainland - smogging a vehicle is also required to get your insurance/license. In California, I found it was a way for a garage to get more money...a real rip off - ya can't tell if car passes or not..it's a set up...because once my car didn't pass...I didn't do anything to it and then when i took it back the next day, it magically passed. So I know with some places it is a rip off and there is nothing u can do about it. Also happens with the "inspections" when you buy a house. Reinspections are a rip off too.....


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