Monday, August 9, 2010

do not do it...

never never ever leave chicken out on the counter all through out the evening and night..
#1-it STINKS
#2-its gross
#3-its a complete total dumb waste of MONEY!!!!!!!!
#4-its slimy...(if you decide you want to leave your frozen chicken out at least do me a favour and put it in a bag before you do helps with clean up )
#5- fun fact-burnt chicken is closely related to cooked chicken,but its cooked longer at a much higher temperature!!!!!!!
#6-o,if you do decide to leave your chicken out- another tip is at least leave your air conditioner on or (if your in Alberta) leave your windows wide open it'll help spread the smell hopefully out the window and keep the chicken from starting to cook!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I've totally done that too. Feels wretched! All that hard-earned money down the drain. Literally. :(


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