Sunday, August 15, 2010

scary. prayers. God. family. lil

when scary things happen, like baby Jake's seizure this morning, I sent text messages to some of my friends asking for prayers... I was a hysterical wreck, I was so so so worried about him and Andy and Becky. It was amazing though to FEEL those prayers working... Within an hour of sending out those messages this auntie had relaxed so much it was almost like nothing happened...but really something super scary had. Today I am thankful for- my friends and that they believe in the same AMAZING God that I do, and for my family;my parents and siblings, and for my precious nephews...Jacob and Coby and Spencer. I love you little stinkers so much, you have no clue:)


  1. Thanks Auntie Jenn... We love you too!!! We are so lucky to have God to pray to! Jake, get better fast..... XOXOXO

  2. Aw... we were with your mom & dad tonight & they told us. I had no idea, that must have been so SCARY! God is just awesome and he cares for us, that's crazy amazing!!


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