Wednesday, August 25, 2010

questions.heat.lizards.sunflowers.happy.picking peaches.

my first question is this... how on earth is a human being supposed to survive this HEAT? my second question is this... WHY does there have to be 4 lizards that are  claiming MY FRONT PORCH ?living on it,

 'sun-bathing' on it, urinating on it, eating on it, sweating on it(do lizards sweat)..and than WHY??? do they HAVE to puff up around the gills when they see me, or when they hear the echoing crash of the screen door (meer seconds after I have given it the kick of the day in hopes to get them to move their ugly green scaly selves)?????? o, and why is it that sunflowers can survive this heat and dryness?? truelly those cheerful faces of bright yellow are my inspiration on these days... They can survive and they still look beautiful,(albeit, spindly..)and cheerful, and happy...maybe someday I'll be able to stand tall like they do and say- I am tough, I can handle this, these adjustments, these lizards? lizards...
  On the brighter side.. I picked my own peaches off of a peach tree today!!! What a feeling!!! Fresh peaches that my own hands- pulled off the tree and  touched last, and not some guy hired by the supermarket to pick them (and deliver them to AG Foods in my home town!! laugh!!) Just for today- curl your feet in your green grass, and thank your lucky stars you don't have to worry about lizards urinating on YOUR front porch, and when you think of me say a prayer that I can learn to tackle these things that are 'different'... so long...


  1. You'll tackle your lizards...just like Beck tackled her snakes. Never thought I would see that Prairie Girl killing snakes with a shovel... but hey..

    I can not fathom the heat! Yup, take inspiration from those sunflowers! :)

  2. Love the sunflowers... they are strong cheerful things, aren't they?! And I'd take one of those peaches over the AG ones any day!


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