Thursday, August 12, 2010

a life changing MOMENT

good evening friends and loved ones and fellow bloggers...I had a very inspiring moment today and I am going to proceed to tell you about ready??!!
There is this darling little country store here in my town its called - pullin on your heart-strings- , cute,eh? well thats my inspiring moment!!!!!!!!!!! you ok with that?? KIDDING!! The owner of that store is a young lady whom I have gotten to know from going into that store and she goes to the same church as I as well...anyhow on with the moment... She told me that she had heard 'via the grapevine' (probly literally, they GROW GRAPES that I was into making wall art and that if I ,little lowly prairie girl me, would make a bunch she would PUT THEM UP FOR SALE IN HER STORE!!!! friends.was theeeee moment. the incredible tear jerking moment for me. I felt over whelmed n snuggly n weepy all in the same MOMENT.Yup.really. So I ran outside to my pickup and I grabbed my samples (i had along for a friend) and i scurried back in there and I showed them to her and I think she was almost as happy as I after we had that deal swung!!! Yesterday I had a moment too.but it was tiny compared to this one. I found out that for me to mail these wallies all over America will cost you and I hardly nothing at all!!! So shipping for you guys will be CHEAP!!! example- if you order a $15 thing the grand total will come to $20 and if you order $40 worth you grand total will only be 40 + 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky you!! it might be a tad more exspensive to mail to Canada my Home and Native land, the TRUE north strong and free, but I hope not.I will find out soon. so long I am getting carried away..(not literally..never fear for my husband is SLEEPING. and his friends' wives are already calling me for their men to see if I am evebring my husband to play basketball...) so I best shake long...tell your friends about this blog the more the merrier;)

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