Friday, August 20, 2010

a family tradition...

A tradition from James' family and one his Grama started with a lil sugar and tomato sauce...Tacos are a huge thing around these parts where I now live... theres taco trucks, taco wagons, taco stands, you name it...and than my husband loves tacos and so does his wifey.she loves 'em so mucho!!. But there is one thing thats needed. when we eat home made tacos and that is this- Grama Bertha's sauce... I'll let you in on the recipe IF you promise to try it next time you have tacos (dip your chips in it too) its a pretty hard-core recipe so make sure you are prepared... DID YOU PROMISE??!!... all you need is this- 1 tin ,(8oz) of tomato sauce and about 3/4 cup sugar  (you can add a squirt of ketchup and/or 'hot' sauce. not salsa but, o my, I don't know what you call it in Canada... Tabasco sauce maybe??) and trust me .. if you don't like it at first never fear..I thought it was plain WIERD ... but now I LOVE it... I am officially hooked to the family tradition...
  I love family traditions... I think I am going to start one with my own little family (namely James) that every Friday morning we sleep till at least 11 o'clock. regardless. ya..good tradition. Amen.
  My family back home used to have the sweetest funnest Christmas tradition ever. It meant security and love and home all rolled up in one big ball of fun and that was this. Christmas eve we all slept out on the Living Room floor. All 8 of us. Imagine the giggling, the yelling, 'you're on MY side', ..imagine... the LOVE. now I'm crying... because when it seems that as we all got married the tradition stopped... hmmmm? wonder why...probably because my 'big' sisters were scared their husbands would snore in front of the rest of us and we'd make fun of them... haha. is it true? Why am I laughing??!!
  Another tradition from my mums family is this- (I love this one) when we get together we eat TOAST. with jam and cheese. and by the way- when I say that we EAT toast I mean this. We down it, inhale it, devour it,swallow it.. do you get it yet? It is not unusual if my cousins and Uncles and Aunts are over to clean out 2 or 3 loaves of bread in 1 evening. WE LOVE TOAST. and the funny thing is, is that nobody can go to sleep without a piece. IT WAS BRED INTO US.  pun intended!!
  and last but not least is the Saturday eve. tradition from when I was a kid was that after our evening baths my dad clipped our finger nails, cleaned our ears, and brushed our hair... what a way to end the day...( did you hear that James??? hello..James?) just kidding;)
  Just for today- start a new family tradition with your family... or with your friends...  so long, with love...


  1. J... love this!! I'm game for the 11 am Fridays... hey why stop at Fridays?!! And oh man, I love toast too, and why did I have to read this now at 11:56 pm? I want toast with jam and cheese RIGHT now! :)

    P.S. We listened to James' story of falling in love tonight. So beautiful and awesome. You guys rock! :) :)

  2. Jenn, I just told Coby we should start a family tradition and it's going to be that Saturday nights it's my boys' turn to make supper. Isn't that a great idea?? Or I said they should at least do the dishes!! Another family tradition we had back home was pizza every Saturday night! "So ya boys even if you just get in pizza every Saturday night you will make your mum HAPPY!!" Thanks Jenn for the fun blog! XO Rach


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