Monday, August 30, 2010

feeding the homeless

Friday night James and I went to the local rescue mission, with some friends, to serve supper to the homeless and the ,approx. 20 men that are living there trying to straighten out their lives. We made the food that we brought and served it. It was a sweltering hot day and I think a lot of people were searching for a place to receive food that would also shelter them from the blazing sun for a few minutes. They were so thankful for what we did, its amazing how you stand there and see these people and you know that their home consists of maybe a tent.If you want to get an image of how these people live Google- tent city. Your mind will be boggled. When we take a certain road into town we drive by one every time. Those people say they love that life though, because, they don't have to come home to electric bills ect.
 The group of men living at this rescue mission are , like I said, trying to straighten up their lives. They take classes here for alcohol abuse, drugs, anger management, you name it!! It all centres around the bible, so after supper we went over to the little chapel and had a service with these men and any one else who wanted to join!! We sang and than one of the men than we were with talked about the Love of God, and all the different aspects of it. After that we had a time of sharing. or I should rather say, those men did!! My heart was touched by what they all had to say... One man was raised in a very Christian home, but at a young age decided he wanted nothing to do with it all, and he left home to live on the streets of Seattle. He thought he was living THE life, the drugs, the women, his life was good!! He thought, until he decided to relocate, he ended up here, and is now on this program, for 8 months already!! He told us now he can't believe he used to think the streets was 'the life'. He knows his bible inside and out, and he left such a testimony. wow. Than another man, a tough looking, dark-skinned, man started to talk. (he was there for anger management) He said that he'd been there for a few months already and that the next day was supposed to be his turn for his first pass. It was his sons birthday, and he wanted to be at his party. But, when he asked for sure the day before, his director told him, NO!!! ( He told us before he had came there, if some one had stood him up, he would have used his karate moves on him until he said yes!!) Instead!! he just said, ok. and than he told us this is what he thought- I haven't been there for my sons birthday for how many years, any way, what is one more going to make a difference. I'll go next week!!  ( he was commended on not getting upset about this and was given permission to go this next week to see his family!)
  Some of the men just sat there and soaked everything up, the singing, the sharing, the praying. Someday  maybe they too will have a testimony of victory like these other men...
  Just for today- do something for somebody else- hold open a door, invite someone for a coffee that you normally wouldn't... our problems suddenly seem small when we listen to somebody else's!! so long...


  1. A situation such as your time with the homeless gives plenty of reason to be thankful for what we have, materially but spiritually too and to say nothing of our families!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    (Happy to have found you!)

  2. hey Karen!! good to hear from you:) thanks for visiting my blog!!! take care and hi to Ron!!


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