Saturday, August 28, 2010

trying again to go yard 'sailing'...

ok, whatever you do, DO NOT, tell my mother-in-law I posted this!!! Yesterday morning she called me and said that she'd found some yard-sales on-line in our town that she wanted to check out and she asked me along...(bless her heart). So we toodle on down through town looking for the house number... there it is!!! I saw it first and LO  there was nothing out side. Than I looked again, and I said, did you check the date of those yard-sales?? cuz I guarantee we were here last week-end!!!!!!! and sure enough!! we had been. She checked for the wrong dates or something, so we laughed for awhile and than kept driving!!!! anyhow, now James just called me and shes going again...(he says I need to go for mom-in-law/daughter-in-law bonding time (w/ a laugh) hopefully there'll be some today... but I'm not worried,  there always is... always. Happy Saturday to all... I'll be posting more on the interesting eve. James & I had last night... feeding the homeless in our county... next time... so long...

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