Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the simple life

good-morning! Yest. while I was making some brownies I decided I didn't have the energy to pull out my Kitchen Aid mixer just to stir them together, so I pulled out my trusty hand-mixer(pictured) and went to work!! I purchased that thing last fall at a yard-sale for,I believe a whopping, gut-wrenching, husband shrieking, 10 cents!!!! it might have been 25 cents. but I'm quite sure it was 10. Now. tell me sisters. Is that simple or what?! I purchased it because, #1- I thought it was charming , #2- my Kitchen Aid was still packed lovingly away on its original state in my mums basement in Alberta, #3- I NEEDED A MIXER. and i did not wanna spend $40 on one when I knew I had one waiting for me!!. so I bought it! and I love it. 
  Do you ever think of those days when mixers like this came in.Imagine how those ladies will have flocked to the store to grab'em.or pleaded earnestly with their husbands to bring one back from town, or maybe they had 'mixer parties' like we have Tupperware and what not??!!(Imagine their arm muscles-just from running this mixer!!!) I love thinking about those days. When 3 dresses was A LOT. and you only needed shoes for going to church (I wanna live then).but- you had to milk your own cow(not fun) and if you had friends or family anywhere farther than 10 miles away you probably only saw them at Christmas time and at the County Fair. That.my friends I could not handle. but, ooo to live in my bare-feet and hang my laundry on my wash-line,watching it flap in the breeze, to pick my fruit from my front yard tree, to ride my bike through these orchard paths, to fly out the door when my James gets home, and to SKYPE with my family...that is the simple life. and that.my friends.is the life I love. 


  1. It's me again :) See? I am a faithful follower! Yes. It's a busy, happy, simple life... Especially when my boys are finally sleeping... AAAH. I'll have peace for the next 3 hours... But... DON"T leave you laundry on the washline for a week next time, ok?? ;) (our secret)

  2. Hey my Grandma has one of those things! and I love to use it! I want one! Love your blog :)

  3. oooh i used to have one of those...my mom still does! I like the red handles! also, I used to only have one pair of shoes...for sunday church, that's it. :) and only one brand new dress. The rest were hand-me-downs..... :)


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