Friday, February 11, 2011

passport office calgary, you rock!

yep. they do rock. because today in under 30 min. they gave me my passport number!!! And now I am on the way to actually having that visa in my hands!!!

Just a short update...


  1. question: when you went to Montreal...did they mandate you to go there? Was there no closer place you could go to? I am glad things are coming together for you!:)

  2. Oh congratulations!! I know how happy you must be! Celebrate and enjoy this newfound freedom!!!:)

  3. wow. interesting. Could very well be....I know they did strange things when my husband was applying in Canada. From what I understand, there were 3 cities he could have been sent to if they required an interview....Buffalo, Seattle and I can't remember the other one....and we would have no choice - it was whatever one was going to be available when you were next in the lineup...come to think of it...if they had required an interview (which luckily they didn't) he would have had to do the same..... :(
    I guess my 2 inches worth of documentation had enough evidence.... :(


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