Thursday, February 24, 2011

not a regular.

When my sister took me to the airport in Calgary on Tuesday, we had ourselves a good laugh...

We saw this guy in the parkade painstakingly washing his jeep windows with a little sponge.

ok. so you are not laughing? Do you know why you are not laughing???

Because you have never been to Alberta in the middle of February.
It is a known fact that in winter time in Alberta vehicles turn a greyish brown colour and stay that way for the remainder of the season which is around 8 months. If you are of a sane mind and you happen to get the urge to wash your vehicle you take in a few facts first. Those of which include- The roads are DRY. the roads are  dry and the roads are dry. If all of these seem to add up than you wash your vehicle. (knowing very well in your head that with in 2 minutes of being on the raod you will have used up half of your washer fluid on your front window)  But if the roads are not dry and you wash your truck there are only 2 things that can be true-
#1- You are going to be taking a very important person along with you in your ride.

ps- happy birthday James!!!!! you are my rock star :)


  1. If you wash your truck in cold weather, be prepared to not be able to unlock your vehicle with your key.
    ;) Now, I know they do have those electronic warming thingeys that will melt the ice in your lock, but better not wash the vehicle will just get dirty again right away. :) I laughed.

  2. hey,dirty cars are not so bad!we just missed a tornado because a snowstorm across missiouri slowed us down.glad to be safe in our holiday inn xpress.gnite and hope james had a wonderful day...m


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