Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i miss my puppy...

I do. I really really do. I know, some  of you are laughing. I know you are. admit it. smirking? just a little? yep. but then there are some of you who are like - girl, I soooo know what you mean. yep its true. I love my Zoe-girl....
  Today, while talking to James, I heard him say- "Down Zoe". and I thought to my self , y'know I wouldn't even mind if that crazy raccoon was (o really she is a Cocker Spaniel not a raccoon for those of you who do not know) jumping up on me in her 'crazy-bunny-hop' way of jumping and leaping on to things. I wouldn't even mind cleaning up some of that yellow water she spills on my kitchen floor...( veeeeery rare. only when she is veeeery excited about seeing me. that is a fact.) and when she eats my panti-hose? I will prob'ly laugh and give her another pair.

so ya. some of you think I am kooked. and some of you 'totally get it'...

Which are you???

(it's ok be honest I won't be offended;))


  1. :) I had a dog once I just adored so I know what you mean! After she died I would have just given anything to have all those little things that drove me crazy back one more time. It's amazing the powerful love animals can instill in us!!

  2. Oooh, Jennieee, I'm SO with you!!!! I've been teased that I'm happier to see "Mac" than the humans!! And Peggy, well, she's spoiled too! And then you should see them we've laughed!! What did we laugh at before pets?!!

  3. Jenn, I know, I would miss my Cocker Spaniel too if he left us... I don't even care that every time the boys open the door Little Dog runs in! (Even if he stinks right now & needs a haircut!)

  4. know which one I am without me saying a word!! But I have to tell you...I LOVE my Chocco..sometimes when we are gone or I'm gone all day and he is home I pray he will be safe and not get hit on the is that CRAZY or what??!!!! that little Zoe all you want and don't feel funny at all!!!!


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