Saturday, February 5, 2011



what an exotic, unique, full city!!! wow!!
My Dr. appt. went great as far as I am concerned! I can not look at my results until the consulate officer has, as I might tamper with them!! The nurse was super impressed how up to date I was with my vaccines the only thing that was not it- a flu shot. Which has just become mandatory for ALL US immigrants! so 25$ later I am now flu immune!!! lol. (The day after I got struck with an awful cold, and I am still battling it...?)
Montreal is being good to us! James and I have mastered the art of 'the metro' and everyday it seems we find one more place to go discover! Tonight it is the Notre Dame church !!!We are going with some friends to witness this supposed to be fabulous light show!!!

Thanks for the prayers and for thinking of us!!!! We are really having a pile of fun and I will give you a better report when I have more time:)
Till then- Keep us in your thoughts as we still have that consulate officer to contend with!!!!



  1. So glad you're enjoying it!! Sounds like alot of fun!! Good luck to you!

  2. Sounds so neat!! I would love to visit Montreal... Seems like it would be very rich in history etc! Not sure if I'll ever be able to drag hubby there or not!?:) All the very best to you tomorrow.. Be calm...that officer is just as human as you are!! Love the wall words! Thanks!!

  3. Montreal is truly a lovely city and a great place to visit. We have family there and have been there several many things to see and do...went to Quebec City for Winter Carnival one year as well. Glad you are enjoying it...all the best with your "immigration stuff". JP

  4. Jenn, all the best tomorrow when you have THE appointment. Be brave. Looking back it is nothing to be scared of, but I sure know how you feel ahead of time... We'll keep paraying... xoxo

  5. Hey Jenn,hope everything went good at your appt. will be waiting to hear how it all went. BJH


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