Wednesday, February 9, 2011

consulate officers, city, airplanes, earaches and HOME!

I know, I know. Where have I been? In Montreal. yes. I was there! For 8 whole days! I will give you a quick little run down of my favorite places we saw!!!

Number 1 favorite!!!

Notre Dame Church
We watched a 'sound and light show' there!I wish I could describe it to you. but only one word comes to my mind an that is AWESOME. There was huge white 'sheets' hanging on the side of the church and than a huge projector screen in front of us that the projectors shone on, so it was like all around us!!! If you looked way up to the third floor you could see all the many projectors. It started out telling us all about how the church started, and went on to explain how they first built this church and than kept on remodeling it to get it where it is now!!!

Number 2 -
Montreal Poutine

We went here for supper after we toured the church! Yum. and sooo Canadian. The pool guy is totally not at all convinced.

We loved cruising around on the metro underground system! Using it as our main transportation! It was hilarious trying to figure out the the station names as the way they looked to be said was indeed a huge contrast to exactly how they were supposed to be said!!! Belanger - is- bee- lon-zhay !

The morning of our 'visit' we walked out to the bus at about  7 am. Lucky we did as the subway train was LOADED. ok. think cows/pigs-crammed-in-a-cattle-liner packed. You could not move with blowing over the person beside you!!!  We got there in good time though got signed in and waited! For about an hour for our 'visit' and honestly folks it lasted a whopping 7 MINUTES. and .3 seconds. or whatever. I did not time it. But it was short. and it was FUN:) weird. yes I know. But she told us she grew up in Fresno, and that my friends is a mere HOUR from where my beloved grew up!!!!!!!!!!! connections. o how I love you dear connections!!!! You make my life so much easier so many times.
  Of course the first question she asked me was - what day did you get married and I STUTTERED. I DID. and the reason this is totally grinding on me is because the night before James and I lay in bed and he was double checking with me my birthday and our WEDDING DAY and my mothers maiden name and all kinds of pertinent questions and so I was telling him the answers thinking to myself. My am I ever glad that I know all of these, hopefully they ask me and not him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O, yes, I know. Pride goes before a fall. and pride I had and fall I did. eeeeeeek. and I kid you not that if they would have asked James his answer would have been have been sure and steady with not  a stutter at all. (am I rambling. you can quit reading if you want;))
  The rest of the interview went smooth. and she slid all that stack of papers under the window and said WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA.  and than I kissed James and than we went down the elevator.:) ya it was pretty cool!

Yes. the title. you are thinking airplanes, earaches where does this come in?? The airplane ride was AWFUL because of the earache. My ears were so plugged. Ya. any of you who have flown with plugged ears and a snotty nose will know. and I just told James bye for who knows how long and I was feeling blue about it all....
So when I landed and got OFF that plane I CRIED. I did. I was SOOO relieved to be OFF THAT PLANE.
AND HOME!!!!!!!!!! My dad was standing there and yes. I cried out of relief.

and now I am in a flap. because I was supposed to register with DHL (a courier service) to get my passport and other papers from the embassy mailed to me. (they keep my passport and mail it all to me here. not sure why. but its what they do.) BUT I cannot for the life of me find a copy of my passport therefore I can NOT even register to RECIEVE the package unless I have my passport number. O the trials. I went to the passport office today and yes. they had just closed. So we will try again tomorrow to see what can be done!!! (anybody have any ideas??)


  1. Jenn, I like the new look. xoxo

  2. Oh Jenn! How I feel for you. lol. Enjoyed the long awaited post. Sorry, have no ideas on the passport thing.

  3. Yeah Jenn!!!!!!!! so glad to hear that this process is behind you! But what an ending..... nothing hurts like an earache.

  4. Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience!! Hope everything works out for you!

  5. time you fly, have decongestant nasal spray and a couple of advil and drug yourself up an hour before landing...the spray a little closer to won't have as much pain... :(


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