Friday, February 18, 2011 came!

It seems interesting to me how sometimes we are tested. Told one thing , get upset. and the next day it is all ok!
It seems to happen to me a lot lately, and so maybe I need to relax! eh?
  Yesterday afternoon I went online to track where on this earth my passport was. IT SAID NOT SENT. still in Montreal! yes. confusion and upsetness set in for some time. Than I accepted it that (lucky me) I would get to stay at my parents for at least another week!


  My mum just came and told me that my passport is in Calgary! What a shock! I told her just before bed last night- I do not expect it before Wednesday!!!! and now it is here!!!
  Is this really all going to be done in the next week? Will I really be able to cross that border from now on with out fear of getting turned around? It's about time... and now I feel a little afraid... of the unknown...
  The great big vast unknown, that is so full of the rest of my life...

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  1. There's lots of 'great big vast unknown'...but also lots of will always be loved by your pool guy, you will always be loved by family, friends...your auntieee, uncle, cousins will ALWAYS love you too....and to think we're almost neighbors...And having 'that' little card in your wallet is a security not everyone knows about!! Happy travels!! oxox


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