Monday, February 28, 2011

{are we babies??!!}

It started out about 3 years ago...
I would get woke up around 5am to the sound of hair-dryers a screeching, showers dumping, and alarm clocks shrilling... and I knew if I didn't find something to help sleep in those wee morning hours of precious sleep I would perpetually be a 'BEAR'  to those precious dark-skinned Navajo's....
So I bought this-    

and it changed my life!!!
I could sleep.. right smack up until MY alarm rang!! I was addicted. Totally.
I have taken this 'sound machine' everywhere with me... really. (except I think I forgot on our honey moon... I guess I must have slept??!!)
But wait there is more!!!
Guess how many nights it took for James to all of sudden say (after we were all 'tucked in'!!) 'the sound machine isn't on!!!!!!!!' not very many .. a week? two? not sure. but He was now addicted as well.'
So to say the least- this baby ran for 3 years pretty much 24/7/369.
Last week it DIED. dumb me packed it in the front of my suitcase on my way form Montreal to Calgary. and when I plugged it in at my Mum's- the green 'on' light came on but NO NOISE. (and yes, hubs is electrician, so everything was checked... but to no avail.)
So, for 4 nights we have somehow managed to fall asleep with out the sound of the crashing waves in the back ground...
until today I was done. I went to Tarjay and bought this-

it was ALL  they had besides the 'lil sheepy' ;)

haven't you always wanted to fall asleep to 'rock a bye'?? 
yes. indeed. I do feel like a baby...


  1. I have a very hard time falling asleep without some background noise and my privacy mask, so I completely understand!

    *I found you through Location Central that was linked off of :)

  2. No you aren't a baby!! I LOVE mine and take it wherever I go! Don't sleep well without it! It has made my days a lot easier, because I have slept!!!!

  3. We spent the afternoon and part of eve at the orphanage, a good day...and reading this post about your 'noise' maker before heading off to bed, made the day! Thanks Jennieee dear...

  4. Jenn! I LOVE your new noise maker! Could we borrow it when we have our baby???

  5. We just got home from a weekend trip last night & our sound machine went where ever we went! The boys had to sleep in the same room as us & it was a life saver to have background noise when we had to get up but boys didn't! they slept so good the whole trip! I won't live without one anymore!

  6. I keep our fan on at nights. Drowns out all noise and circulates the air! :)

  7. I gota have a noise machine plus a fan on high! My husband got me a noise machine app on my droid its totally awsum for traveling! One less thing to haul with!


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