Monday, December 19, 2011

{winner.winner.chicken dinner.}

So Tina you won the 'buying' one by the skin of your teeth in  a raging battle ... lol. :)
and sister Suzy won the 'love' one !!!

How are you all spending your week before Christmas??

This is what I am doing---

This one measures 36x10 inches. and was painted in black with cream lettering.

For a friend who saw these in my m.i.l.'s living room. and desperately wanted  them as well.
They each measure 15x15 inches. and are also painted black with cream distressed lettering.

They both were orders from people for Christmas gifts... 

Merry Christmas to all .... 
May your week be filled with peace...


  1. Love those square ones...especially the saying on the last one. I may have just found the saying that I've searched long put on my living room wall!

  2. How am I spending this last week? Well, finally I am baking! I know, I am probably the last one in the province to be doing Christmas baking. I have wrapped each of the stocking gifts for 8 grand kids and I still need to do some cleaning as well as find enough bedding for 14 people. The Prairie Chalet is almost ready for the family with the baby. (Now why would we send that family across the yard......)
    The JD salesman is building a sand box in the shop, moving the trampoline in there too. He has been spending a whole lot of time in the shop this month. Maybe I will reveal later!
    Tomorrow is a funeral and Thurs. I need to shop for the fresh food for the weekend.
    But I am so looking forward to having the gang all here on Friday night! The house will be overflowing and we will love it! It might not be peaceful but I believe it will be joyful!
    Merry Christmas James and Jenn!

  3. Ahh. Grama k. That DOES sound joyful:) merry merry Christmas to You And Ron!!!!

  4. We're supposed to be handing out shoebox gifts from Operation Christmas Child but last night a BMW full of carousing guys careened into our nicely parked van. (Thankfully we weren't in it.) So now we'll be running around to insurance places and police stations and mechanic shops. And those places all move at a snail's pace in this country. And we want to go to Ukraine for Christmas! Hoping...hoping...


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