Monday, December 12, 2011

{a scattered menu}

This week is just a bit crazy for us in this house...
So much to do yet, before Christmas plus keeping up at the job!
But ya know, I am pretty sure I am thee only one that thinks I'm busy. None of you are, are you??!!
(smirk) .

So here goes...
MONDAY- Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese, applesauce. (except now I just found out we won't be eating this as we are going Christmas singing and than to a birthday party!!! yee-haw for no cooking!!!)
TUESDAY- taco salad
WEDNESDAY- spaghetti, ceaser salad
THURSDAY- slow cooker white chili ( I bought a jar from Tar-jay , the Archer Farms brand. all you do is add chicken, and onion and pepper. and let it cook in cooker. easy peasy right? I'll let you know how we like it!!!
FRIDAY- Dr. Day in Fresno so we won't be home... (CHICK FIL A!!!!!!!!!! finally.)
SATURDAY- leftovers. (how boring.)

ps. What are your favorite 'in-a-jar' things that make your cooking easier. Or do you always make everything from scratch???
pss. (now that I know who you all are, PLEASE  do not be shy or in to much of a hurry to leave a comment now and then. If some one never does, your name will be removed from list to make room for others who want to be on it :) thanks )

toodles... and happy 13 more days till Christmas :)


  1. oh hi jenni i hardly know how to cook these days cause all i can think about is being with my dear family and i'm hussling around trying to be all organized so i don't arrive in colorado all frazzled.....xoxo

  2. My fav in-a-jar? It'a a homecanned thing I did this year... onion, peppers, celery, and garlic. I canned small jars of it, and use it more than anything else I processed!

  3. I love using Alfredo sauce (in a jar) then add canned or bbq chicken, place on French bread loaf cut in half the long way, then add cheese on top & broil till toasted! It's easy & good! :) My style! xo

  4. for some reason my computer is saying this is a security risk for me to comment.... had to open in another window :) i always use jarred pasta sauce for spaghetti... jarred cactus for pork and cactus tacos... (sounds scary i know but they are yum) mostly tho i cook from scratch because i love to cook!

  5. "In-a-jar-thing"...I've forgotten what those are like. Here I use in-the-jar, ummm, tomatoes? mushrooms? peaches to brighten up the breakfast table for company? How exciting...

  6. hey... now i finally got onto your sight again. gr8! i like the alfredo in a jar and chicken in a tin! great quickies!!! (the chick. from costco in da big o tins!) it's your sask. friend carm :)

  7. my quick meal is quesadillas, you can use anything... leftover grilled chicken, steak, or even canned chicken. add some cheese and we like green onion and tomatoes. :)


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