Saturday, December 3, 2011

{a lesson learned}

Sleeping. Deeply.
Finally. Work was long and when I got home all I wanted was my pj's and my bed.
Deeply Sleeping.
Ding Dong. (the door bell)
I awaken, groggy.
O right, the door bell. I roll over and decide 'they' can wait.
But than I decide, No I better get up and at least check and see
who it is. (through my lil peepster hole)
I open the door.
and there. My handsome guy.
With 1 dozen pink roses.
and the awesomest-made-me-cry card.

Lesson learned. Always check the door :)


  1. Jenni you married the best guy!! We love him and I'm so happy that he is part of our family!! miss you guys...ALOT!!!!

  2. makes me smile .......... You are blessed!

  3. Wow Jenn... lucky you!!:) Good thing you got out of bed, sleepy head. xoxo


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