Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{for sale/or auction/give-away}

Good evening to all. and to all a good evening.
It's been BUSY over here It has been a lovely day, doing laundry, folding laundry, painting signs (3 are done 3 more to go yet tonight.) cutting wood, sanding, painting. cooking supper, sitting down at the sewing machine to squeak in a few seams.(I love sewing clothes that only have 3 pieces to them.) Dresses are lovely when they take 3 seconds to cut and about 8 minutes to sew. Crepes for supper. (at the astounding request of my husband. which made me smile!!!) The hungry stomachs of 2 grateful men filled by my cooking. Makes me feel content inside knowing I have that power and/or the opportunity to do it !!!

    I really wasn't planning on doing this auction style...but my other side of my brain persuaded me.
I will set my lowest price for this one a bit higher as it is quite a bit bigger than any other one I have sold on here.

Here it is. In all its 'niceness'. Declaring your love for your newest arrival, or just to proclaim your never ending love for all your kids...
 The size is approx. 15 inches high by 30 inches long. It is cut from quality black vinyl.

I will start this bid at- $15.00
Remember bids can only rise by $1 segments. (none of this 1 penny  or 25 penny stuff !! lol )

and a GIVE-AWAY for anybody who places a bid ;) (boy, am I sneaky)  there will be one randomly drawn winner out of all the people who place a bid on this piece of wall art. and if no body does I will keep it for
myself. :)

toodles my friends....

o. give-away closes on Friday at 9am PST. (10 MST)


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  2. i luv the 1st one. 2nd is awsum too..

  3. yay jenni. i love these and i want them both!!! $16 from me!!!

  4. I see right now I have a 50% chance of winning the giveaway. I bid $17!

  5. I would bid but I have toooo many wall words already AND 1 happens to be the very same as the 1st 1!! But I really LIKE these! Good job! xo


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