Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Now I NEED your help. I switched to private as those of you who are reading this obviously figured out...
Was it hard to get onto here?
If it was easy for you, do you think it could/would be difficult for some one who is not that computer smart to figure it out?

Tell me pretty please :)
Thanks- Jenn


  1. I got it I think it must be on the easy side:)

  2. ha, that "unknown" was me...

  3. great!!!!! if ANYONE has trouble please let me know!!!

  4. No problem at all! And I don't know what would be hard about it even for someone who's not "computer smart"... not that I am :)

  5. if we can do it anyone can! Thanks for inviting us.......

  6. i'm in sis:) xoxo

  7. Hi there! Thankfully, I've sort of learned how to 'get onto' these private blogs! Thanks, I enjoy reading here.


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