Sunday, July 17, 2011

{another day}

Today was another one of *those* days...
The day where I wandered
what on earth am I doing here... 
One of those days where I wept uncontrollably. panicked.
than I remembered another day like this. Where I wrote. and the responses that I got blew me away!!!
 so I went back. I went back to this place and I
of those comments of love you gave me. Where you
'lifted me up' and even through the tears
 I saw hope shining through.

Thank you again... from my heart.
Go ahead. Go read them. Put your name where mine is. 
and take the encouragement for yourself!!!!
Feel the love of people that truly care.
and know that somewhere. (its true!) somebody
is thinking about you.


  1. Oh sweetie. I am sorry to hear it was one of "those" days. I pray that you find your peace and that the very real challenges you do face in living in another country become easier for you every day. Remember you are strong and courageous!

    God bless you today especially.

  2. aaaw Jenn I soo know how you feel. Call me when you need someone to listen... xoxo

  3. Thanks Colleen! I have to say this though and I should have wrote it in my post! but it really truly IS getting better:)

    and thanks sissy. xo♥

  4. hang in there glad you can find a little comfort in these words,that's what i love about writing and then going back as often as you want to read and re-read...take care

  5. I read this a few days ago. . .but today is a day where I needed to do just what you said to do. . .sigh. . .thanks.


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