Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i can't post due to computer issues:( ttyl! ♥


  1. so its really weird. but I can write a title but I can not write in the 'post' box... I am not really sure what is up, but I guess James will have to figure it out for me:) I DID have a menu plan for you on Monday already :) Next week I guess! Later... Jenn

  2. Do you have Windows Live Writer? I use it for all my blog posts and it's a lot easier than posting through Blogger :)

  3. Hey does it work to type in some other program (Word or something) and then copy/paste? or are you set up for email posting? that's almost all I do.

  4. Download Google Chrome. I was having issues with IE and Blogspot. There is some sort of incompatibility.

    My Blog was also having issues and I couldn't post and when I used Google Chrome for blogging, it resolved all my issues.

  5. cc- i always use Google chrome!! ?! its very strange!

    Nebs- i hadn't tried it, but i will :)


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