Saturday, July 30, 2011

{itty bitty prayers}

You all know about the time I spent in New Mexico, taking care of abused and neglected Navajo Indian kids.
One night, around 10pm. Nine of us girls were officially 'off'. and one girl was officially 'on'; the 'night girl'.
She went down the long steep stairs to do her first 'night check' and make sure the the girls were in their own beds and the boys in theirs, the babies were sleeping and the 2 year olds weren't having nightmares or sleeping in wet beds.
  Only the first rooms got checked, because when she came to the 'big girls' room. It did not budge. (there are no locks on any of the kids bedroom or bathroom doors.) It did not move. (she was not weak.)
Some how it came out that 2 of the girls in that room had 'ran away'. seriously. the middle of the night. (for them)
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She came bounding up those stairs telling us to come help! We searched. We called. We yelled. Where were they. Two (about) 9 year old girls  running around a town thats barely considered safe during the day for a child, much less at night.
Than. 'She' stopped another girl and I. and said lets pray. We stood there, under the shadow of the big rocks. Under the starry sky. We held hands. and she prayed. simple. "keep them safe, and bring them back." that's all.  and it taught me so much. so so much. About prayer and about how much God really does care, and that prayers so do not need to be elaborate speeches. But rather, something simply spoken, like asking a favour of your best friend.
 It taught me that God really truly cares, when you are literally flying around your house trying to leave for church and your shoe is missing and you say- 'God, please, my shoe' . I find it. and all is well. He cares when I am trying to sew and the bobbin thing-y is almost out of thread, but, it makes it to the end of the seam, and there it stops. He planned that. He cares. about every.little.bitty.thing.
 He cares about such tiny details. and every time He works one of these 'miracles' I stand in awe. and I wonder why 'faith and trust' are such an issue in me. Because time and time again He proves His love... By answering my itty bitty prayers I pray...  Even when I've prayed 6 times in one day to find my cell phone. He still hears me!!

 (The police found the girls. and brought them back. Imagine this. Us girls crying like babies that they were found yet, madder than ever that they had had the nerve to leave.)


  1. Reminds me of this song about the Sparrows:

    I always sing this song when things seem impossibly complicated... ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing, I love that He cares enough to help with the little things. He helps me find my shoes before church, too. :)


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