Saturday, July 9, 2011

{menu planning}

So I am going to try it. I have been for the last little while trying to do menu planning somewhat. But it seems I still have those panicky moments at 6 o'clock where I wonder WHAT DO I MAKE.  I thought maybe if I decided to post this every week it would help me to for sure do it!!! Now this is going to let you in on my wickedly awful simple way of cooking but than again. so what! I can always hope that it might make you realize that all your outlandish recipes that you think you must cook really are not worth the stress every single night!! (grinning!!) LOL! I wish I cooked like that , but I don't. It's not my top talent. So with that in mind here is my menu for Monday July 11 - Friday July 15!

Breakfast- French toast
Lunch- nothing. we always eat late breakfast on Monday! :)
Dinner- BBQ chicken Pizza, ceaser salad
Breakfast- cereal, yep. we rely on that stuff.
Lunch- left over pizza, carrot stix
Dinner- Baked Potatoes with chili, steamed broccoli
Breakfast- Cinnamon Bread toast
Lunch- egg salad sandwiches, applesauce
Dinner- Chicken Quesidillas, lettuce salad
Breakfast- cereal
Lunch- Ham & Cheese Wraps, broccolli
Dinner- tacos. thats all :)
Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch-Left overs
Dinner- Enchiladas chicken or beef? corn

So there. simple as that.
Hope your week end is relaxing!!!


  1. Hey nice one Jenn!! Thanks for the menus. Don't sound to me like I'm any more an exotic outlandish a cook then you my dear friend. some mac and cheese and tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches the next week!!! See? :-) I think we'd still get along fine eh? Ya your Saskatchewan

    Breakfast- cereal
    Lunch- Ham & Cheese Wraps, broccolli
    Dinner- taco truck

  3. O you even gave me (your simple cook sister) some inspiration- They all sound good to me!! xo

  4. Hey you anonymous there in the middle!!! Taco truck is called cheating;) NOT!!! that sounds rather tempting instead...

    o good rach, glad I could do that for you!

  5. hey jenn! sounds like our menu over here,except we have tacos twice a week!keep up the menu planning so i can get ideas from you.....

  6. Was that grilled steak better than the taco truck?

  7. Oh they all sound so great. What a wonderful meal plan!!

  8. would you come cook for me??????


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