Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{nesting & noodles}

Chicken Noodle soup. 'Proven' by mothers, children, grannies, Nanas, Mums, Grammys, kids, daddys, mommys, fathers and grand fathers around the world to cure almost any thing.
I just proved it again. It will soothe an aching, after-fluish tummy, and it will calm a lonesome heart.
Thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law for dropping it off...

Nesting? Does this only happen if you have children or are about to have one? Cause if the answer is YES.
Then can some one PLEASE  tell me what I have??!! (Because I worked today and came home and got more cleaning and organization done than I have in the entire last YEAR!!!!)

Thank you. I will be not so patiently a-waiting your response.


  1. No children, no waiting on children, but I get nesting fever occasionally too. What's up with us?

  2. oh jenni.... you must be pregnant!!!!lol

  3. your other big sisJanuary 19, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    hi did you wana tell me something???

  4. You are the only person who spells my name like that!!!!LOL;)

  5. Hmmm.... this does sound quite suspicious:)

  6. No, nesting syndrome just happens once in awhile to some of us who are quite unorganized & all of a sudden it HITS & it is time to do something about the wreck of a house....... Chicken Noodle Soup? Bless her heart for bringing you some! xoxo

  7. In total agreement with 'your other big sister'. There comes a point, a day when the dust and clutter just seem over whelming and yes 'it HITS". I totally relate to that.....

    I would be most delighted if anyone brought me chicken noodle soup! That is simply marvellous.....

  8. well although some of you seem to think this sounds a bit 'fishy' I can assure there is nothing fishy over here ;) it really must have been 'time to get it done'!!!


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