Sunday, January 22, 2012

{menu plan}

I am so excited!!! This week I am using up food in the fridge or freezer. I must have bought some extra last week because it seems like I have extra fruit and veggies even!!! Yay for saving some money, eh !?
(just remembered. James and I are on a serious weight loss binge. and he wants me start packing lunches to avoid those fast food places... Yay!! for self denial :)  but that might mean I'll have to run and get a few things...)

on to the menu-

MONDAY-  Mexican Corn Chowder over rice.
TUESDAY- Left overs
WEDNESDAY- I going to see my 'miracle man*' so we'll be eating out ;)
FRIDAY- Meatloaf, Gourmet Potatoes,  California mixed veggies
SATURDAY- Taquitoes, salad
SUNDAY- Poppy Seed Chicken, Ceaser Salad, Fresh fruit. (I looove picking oranges off of the trees!!)

Easy Peasy.

* I am going every 2 weeks to a miracle man. He has been helping me (pain and surgery free!!!) to fix my Scoliosis, and my lower back pain, and my Charlie Horses' (thanks for the diagnoses Rach :p ) !!!
What he does is called Cellular Response. and yes at first I was leery. Leery of spending the money and of just letting some one re-locate the bones in my body! But I had seen visual proof of it working so I went and Its working. He told me that my problem was an EASY fix. He also told me that when he is all done I will be 2 inches taller :p. LOL. This last week he moved my sacrum (lower back bone or something !!) 2 1/2 inches. Miracle of Miracles my lovely "Friesen" butt doesn't poke out *quite* as far!!!!!! (that convinced me over everything)lol. More on this another time.
Any of you been or done anything like this??



  1. love you jenn... hope this man will heal you completely!!! Good luck on losing weight too;)

  2. Go Jenn!! I hope you get CURED!! :) xoxo

  3. Oranges off the tree? I'm totally jealous! Fresh-off-the-tree oranges is something I miss SO MUCH! We plan to come home in March and I'm hoping there are lots left, and I'm bringing bags and bags of them back to MB! :)

  4. a Friesen butt?! lol...never heard that term before! This treatment sounds neato...please keep me informed on the progress...maybe I need to come to Cali for treatment of scoliosis too!!

  5. Go for it! this treatment sounds interesting & i hope you tell us more!


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