Monday, January 9, 2012

{happy things}

-a clean fridge.
- watching James with his favorite hobby. Flying a 40% RC airplane.
-having good friends spend the week end and night.
- a clean house.
-clean clothes.
-a happy heart in a crazy world.
-a rose from James.
-friends who 'know' me and love me anyway

What are your 'happy things' today??


  1. - a hubby who takes the kids to school so i can sleep in :)
    - a one tooth grin from my 9 month old
    - no snow in january
    - enough leftovers in the fridge for supper
    - coffee with friends at a tupperware party
    - healthy children!

  2. that's a happy list!
    here's mine...
    ~watching puppies play & tussle & chase their own tails;
    ~trying out my new cast iron 'french oven' with a hot pepper braised pork roast. so tasty!
    ~doing all the laundry in one day.

  3. im happy to be inside watching it snow... (it's very pretty) my children sleeping :) good friends that stay the whole weekend... phone cards so i can phone my mom on the mission :) lots of things to be happy bout!

  4. your other big sisJanuary 11, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    I'm happy... be married to my best friend... watch my wee boy learn and grow... go for coffee with an old dear school buddy.
    ...when i sleep in;)...
    ...when i receive something in the mail;)...
    ...when i'm shopping...

  5. Things I'm happy about....
    -my best friend hubs
    -3 healthy boys
    -my family
    -laundry all caught up
    -having lunch with 2 good friends yesterday
    -supper out tonight & no kids allowed (except my baby)

  6. It makes me smile to read what makes you smile:)

  7. Kinda late but, sleeping in with my hubby, playing with my dog, being with good friends, painting my countertop:-/,puttering around my house, reading a good book or my favorite blogs!

  8. -a good book on my Kindle
    -an espresso with cream and sugar
    -leftovers in the fridge for supper
    -the first day home since Christmas, almost
    -snow outside, warm inside


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