Saturday, May 14, 2011

{{happenings concerning 2 dogs.mine & the neighbours.}}

 So my dog may or may not be having puppies. We have yet to know if the dog visiting her was male or female. or neither. It is with many crossed toes and fingers that it was the later one. (O but there was a dog back there.) I saw it. James saw it. But maybe it was a dog that just isn't quite sure whats its supposed to be any more. A female or a male.
 The first time he told me was when we were driving along, after leaving supper plans.
In a very non-chalant voice- "O honey. Before when I looked out the window , there was a, umm, dog out there with Zoe. "  Yes. Indeed. My horrified eyeballs nearly popped right out of my blonde head. and my jaw hit my bony shoulder. "A. DOG.WAS.IN MY BACK YARD. WITH MY DOG???"
 "o YEAH?"

Well the question is now. If she is pregnant? What on this earth will we do with a passel of pure bred Cocker Spaniels and some poodle/shitzu/chihuahua/ (Thank goodness for spell check cause I didn't ever spell that word before) cross? And if she is not pregnant? I will kiss her. Than I will take her to get 'fixed up' So, she too will join the ranks of not knowing exactly what her role in dog life is... Besides being my 'guard dog'!

Needles to say, she now is tied up. Poor thing. But our poor old rickety fence came tumbling down last week, (after this incident,mind you)  in a horrifying wind storm. and me. Can not risk the chance of having her wander in to 'that' dogs back yard.
No, indeed.

Would you go over to the neighbour and ask about what ranks their dog is in? Female, male or neither? Or would you just wait it out and see what happens?

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  1. :) Wonderful and funny post!

    I hope all goes as you are so hoping and that the dog was indeed "neither".:)

    Please do tell if you decide to confront your neighbor...that could make for a great story.:)


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