Friday, May 6, 2011

{{a friend who needs support}}

If you want to do something worthy while you are 'snooping' around on blogs
head on over to my friend over at lifelovefamilyfriends, and give her your hugs, love and support as she travels
an awful, nightmarish journey through grief. They lost their little girl Lauren in a drowning accident
a week ago yesterday...

ONE RULE. You MUST leave her a encouraging comment. NONE of this looking and leaving.
She needs it and it can be your kind deed for the day... and for the days to come...
Do a double good deed and become a follower...

Thank you for helping to spread the love...


  1. I'm there already. that's too sad.

  2. Consider me in the journey,too.we cant take away her grief,actually,we cannot even begin to understand unless we have been there.but God has given us the capacity to care,to share the ache,support and above all,to pray.lets be those angels that God uses to hold them up.m

  3. Great idea Jen! Thanks for doing this for our "sis" Love you

  4. You sound like the kind of friend everyone needs!

  5. well I thought it was a little something I could do:)


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