Monday, April 11, 2016

{moving mountains}

How many of you moved mountains today?
I only realized i was moving mountains when i loaded up my huge pile of dirty laundry that had been spread on the floor. Tessa had been walking on it and jumping off, but when i scooped it up she yelled- no no thats my mountain mummy. Don't take my mountain!
but no way was i going to leave that smelly pile of clothes laying there...

you never know when your mountain will get moved!
Sometimes we don't even want it moved and then just like that it's gone!



  1. I'd sure gladly deal with your mountain of laundry if you would deal with my partially sewn dress for Lauren... Please?

    1. Maybe? Ha ha! Did your mom tell you I met her at Jantz bakery about 3 months ago?

  2. No! She failed to mention that. I'll have to ask her about it!


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