Monday, February 20, 2012

{highest place}

The Highest Place. Top. Utmost.Over All.

"We place you
on the highest place.
For You are the Great High Priest.
We place You, High above
All else. All else.
And we come to you
and worship
your feet."

Above every thing. We place Him.
Above our spouse.
Above our children.
Above our house.
Above our schedule.

For when we place 'Him'
'above all else'
will fall into place.

Love will abound.
Smiles will be bigger.
Peace will be more abundant.
Patience will erupt
instead of whiny 'won't-you-be-quiet' words.
Love over all will be abounding.

We will sing.
Worship Him.
Full of worship and thankfulness
for all He has done.

When we place Him.
On the highest place.

We sang this song last night.
Determination and confirmation echoed.
and my thoughts started going...
Is He in my Highest Place?


  1. I love your post today. That is a good reminder and something I am reminded about of late also. Thank you friend! Let's all make Him our Highest.

  2. Jenni... such a good reminder!! Thanks and goodnight...

  3. I really like how you wrote this! Thanks for the reminder- I need it to hear this often. xo


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