Monday, February 13, 2012

{1-2-3} + Menu plan}

1. Go read this blog post. I seriously Laughed {very much} out loud when I read it. Some of it sounds all to familiar, and some of it it just down right FUNNY!!! gooo. now---> {momastery} I smiled for the rest of the day... =)

2. I have LOST 2.4 pounds as of yesterday!!! I have been on my 1200 calories a day diet for 3 weeks now... Thought I would have lost more in that amount of time, but! I must be losing in inches faster than pounds because, my clothes are starting to feel looser !!! {huge grin}

3. I am in the middle of getting ready for my dear Auntie and Uncle to be at my house Wed. night for night, and also a friend of mine and I are hosting a big 'Couples only Supper' Friday eve. So much organizing and cleaning house is happening. I will try to post my menu plan up tonight yet though. I need it, even if none of you do !


ps. Happy ♥ Day . (early)

Menu Plan added!

MONDAY- Upside down pizza, lettuce salad, cooked carrots
TUESDAY- we got a dinner invite, yippee =)
WEDNESDAY- Calzones, lettuce salad (who makes these? any tips?)
THURSDAY- eating out
FRIDAY-  Easy Chicken* (like we had at my  wedding) gourmet potatoes, 'Olive Garden Salad', Applesauce Jell-O, bread, Red Velvet cake roll
Saturday- Quesidillas, salsa & sour cream (salsa is a veggie, hello)


As many chicken breasts as you need.
Squirt Italian dressing over. Do not submerge, just squirt over.
Slow cook until done. Mix 1 cup ketchup  and 1 cup honey , pour over and cont. to slow cook until ready to eat or for 1 hour. Eat it !!


  1. congrats on ur weight loss! i need encouragement in that area... i gained about 50 pounds since our wedding 3 yrs ago and i was overweight then already.... :( poo and i love reading ur blog... happy love day!

  2. oh my luck with calzones is that most of them burst open so they are not very pretty but they sure are yummy! :) i buy the dough from the supermarket so maybe i should try homemade?

  3. Good ideas for menu! Thanks for the recipe. Good one! on the crock pot idea. What bout the Olive Garden Salad recipe too? Happy dieting to you.....

  4. Yummy menu ideas for me- Thanks!! :) P.S. You always help me when I don't know what to make!!

  5. ya that link's crazy! :)

  6. Jenni I love that blog!! It had both me and Shawn laughing... and then her next one made me cry... the one about Mindy Monday... Courage to you "Mindy" you will make it!! You have too!!!


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