Thursday, September 29, 2011

{sigh. I don't really wanna do this}

Hey friends and loved ones, readers, and who ever faithfully reads along about my funny little life over here
in Central California...

It is with some pain, and tribulation, and...... that I am telling you this..
I never did want to do this but... as life goes some things are better...

I am making my blog 'private'.
I started it to keep in touch with my family and close friends... and its grown to include new friends, of who I do not want to lose! :)
I don't want any of you to feel un-welcome! That is not my thought... Its just 'safer' and better for me.
So if you want to keep on reading PLEASE send me your e-mail address to-

and really. you are welcome. I am going to keep it the way it is for a few days to allow time for all of you who want to send me you address'. ♥

Happy day to you...

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