Saturday, September 10, 2011

{for your information, pizza my way!!!}

We have only eaten ONE meal off of this whole entire menu plan. All week long.
I guess its just one of those weeks. I am hoping tomorrow I can try my hand at cooking up a roast tho!!!
Guess who will NOT be making up a menu plan for next week??? (only because I have a weeks worth of food waiting to be eaten !!!)
These Californian, apparently have never heard of making your own pizza. I guess when Little Ceasers, Dominoes, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and what not else are right around the corner (or with in delivery range) you don't need to make it. (I still DO eat that stuff, cause sometime you don't have TIME  to make your own,so... one must be content!!! LOL!!!)
I am hoping that slowly but surely I can warp their brains into thinking that home made is STILL better.:)
(the closest pizza place when I was growing up was at least 45 min. away. Now there is a Pizza place 10 miles from my you don't really just 'run and get it' :)

Here is a recipe for you-
My Favorite Pizza Dough
Courtesy of  my all time hero of country cooking - The Pioneer Woman !!!!

PIZZA DOUGH (for bread machine. if you want!!)
1 tsp. regular yeast
1.5 cups (quite) warm water
1/3 cup oil (I use canola. always.)
4 cups flour (if you do whole wheat flour do maybe 3.5 or less....)
1 tsp. salt.

Dump into bread machine in this order. When its done, spread it in  2 cookies pans (if you like it thin)
Preheat oven to 500 degrees. (honest.)
Saute some onion and bell pepper. Add shredded cooked chicken. Dump on about 1/2 to 3/4 cup
of BBQ sauce. Stir together, and put on your dough. Sprinkle cheese and pineapple over top.
Bake for 8 to 10 minutes.

(as I get ready to leave the house for a pizza joint. snicker.)

Head on over here for this last weeks menu plan!!!


  1. Thanks! I never can make good pizza so I'll give it another try with your recipe.

  2. Pizza was a staple in our home 'way back when'! It was one of the few things that everyone in the family loved. But now I am old and lazy I guess. Besides, our middle son and his wife have far exceeded his mother in pizza making abilities. When the whole game comes home for Christmas it is a 'given' that this couple will make pizza one night. They make a thin crust and often use whole wheat flour. Their pizza sauce is next to perfect and so is the variety of toppings. Nothing like homemade pizza.

    Hmmmm, I think I would like to go to Winnipeg for supper ..... or maybe they would deliver?????

    I can imagine that your parents often feel like I do right now. Wish you lived closer.......

  3. Jennieee....that's exactly how my week went!! I look back at my 'supper menu spot' in my lil book and WHAT???!!! I really only made supper one time?!! Must've been that kind of week! And I even have excuses for each day why I didn't make it! oxox (it'll be easy on your pocketbook this week if you have all your ingredients already!!)

  4. Wanderer- give it a try :) Let me know how you like it!!!
    Grama K. Yes. I am sure they too feel like you, often. We both miss Alberta a LOT... every once in awhile it gets brought up- should we move back:)
    Auntie- no kidding. I am hoping the only thing i need at Target is milk:)o and cereal!!!


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