Friday, June 3, 2011


It's a crazy busy life I am living.
and it seems like everything is getting wiped out from under my feet. But hey! at least I am busy and not moping around wishing for something to do, eh?! But sometimes other things suffer when I get hectic-----

My house can not stay clean, my laundry can not get done! 
And I have a lady waiting on baby announcement samples from me, a wedding memory book that needs to be finished,
 a family cook book that still has 20 recipes that need typing up, 

a dress that needs to be sewed and a serger machine that needs thread,
 a website that needs  prices on it,
 a wedding gift that needs to be made

an unfinished bench that needs to be finished!!!  So I am going to go, and try and get something done. 
Happy day to you all!!! Jenn


  1. Wow, you are a busy lady! :)

  2. Take heart- at least it's all fun(ish) stuff, except for the laundry and cleaning.


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