Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{busy busy!!}

Hey! I am still alive! Even though I write' meloncholy-ly' two posts in a row and than 'dissappear' for 2 weeks! I am still here!
My most favorite project of all times had been sitting neglected for far too long...
I had a before picture of this baby, and honestly. It is gone:( I wish you could have seen it before...it was all together nothing-ness. that I bought for $2.00. and hauled home from a yard sale.)

I showed you this picture awhile ago...

Now for the finished product!!!

Where the handle is is actually a door thingy that opens up and it is a darling way to hide a 1/4 of my shoe collection!!! 
It started out white. and warped.and wasted. and 'wanting'. It was that cheap 'put together yourself stuff from Wally world that had white plasticy stuff glued on top' know what I mean???
I cut and screwed 1 1/2 inch wide pieces of wood to the sides. To act as 'feet' and so I would have something substantial to attach the 'bench part' too... 
I covered the new top with foam and hot glued and tacked on burlap!!!!
Than in a wild attempt to add something cool and to copy  my Funky Junk friend I created a stencil out of vinyl and did this

         T0M 1Y0

Thats where I'm from ladies. Right there.
It was soooo fun!! and now I have a spot to sit down to put my shoes on at the door  dump all my junk on at the door, plus a super cute spot to hold my shoes! Instead of tripping on them!!!

And one last thing that I did yesterday... It's a very non traditional baby shower gift but... than again. Have I ever been traditional??!!
Do you want one? Let me know:)
So long....
I have been in 107 degree weather today.. and my head and body are feeling the effects...not cool. and no it is not a sun burn. Toodles...

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  1. I love that baby shower gift!! Love love love it... if I was pregnant right now I'd probably order it! And don't stress about not posting... the readers that matter still come back to read :)

  2. Jenn...I love love love the baby shower gift too... can I send you a pic of my nursery and you could make one to kinda go with that? or is the black the only color option? I love that one but it's too sophisticated for my nursery i think....

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  4. love love love that baby gift!!! if i was having kids i'd get it too:) n the shoe bench is jus too cute!! keep it up!!

  5. Both are very cool and original!

  6. And I want that bench, please.... Or maybe just a burlap bag like that would satisfy me :)

  7. i love the sign you did a great job and wording is so perfect !

  8. Good job, Jennieee!!! So glad you are having fun with your projects, you are so talented!!! Swalwell's a good place to come from:)oxox

  9. That shoe bench is super cute!

    I must admit, I google-mapped Swalwell to find out where it was - not that far from where I live! Gotta love small town Alberta :)

  10. awww...Jenn.... makin me miss Lauren Yvette all over again. Aw my heart is beatin for her right now..... And she probably really knows the sound of my heart right now...


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