Saturday, March 26, 2011

wanna auction again?!

You needed something for that one little spot on your wall, right?
This one measures approx. 21 inches long by 8 inches high!!!

The rules are this-
You must leave an email address with EACH entry.

I will start off the bid at $8.50.
No bidding under 50 cents at a time.
The first bidder can start with $8.50 and from there- $9, $9.50.
That ok? If that ticks you off, let me know;)

This will be open until Wednesday, March 30!!!!

and remember, the shipping is on me!!

Fire away ladies!!!and spread the word :)


  1. your other big sisMarch 26, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    I'm in- $10.

  2. Ok, I want that one. $11.00.

  3. I think the bids should go up by $2 each time instead of 50 cents. lol. Just my two cents ;)

  4. thanx Lex;) sounds like an idea!! (ps. I like the 2 cents part;) nice kinda pun;))

  5. Hi! $12.00 for me :)

  6. Is anybody out there having trouble commenting? (one of my sisters is thats why I am asking)
    If you are please e-mail me so that I can figure out if its just her or more of you ;)


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