Saturday, March 19, 2011


yep. she shore did. right from under my lil red nose. Well, not quite, but pretty close.
James and I went to Wendy's for supper the other night. And if I may say so, on MY scale of 1 - 10, the day was a 8 being not so grand. It seemed like I tripped and fell over everything. It was all in the way. gotta hate that when stuff just plunks it self smack in front of your toes. and I have a minor temper tantrum in my kitchen early that morning... (I broke my FAVORITE bowl.  look at them here. it was full of cereal. and it fell. smashing and crashing, and smithering to tiny little pieces on the floor. so in my upsetness. and to top off the pile. I dumped the rest of the  box of 'LIFE" on top.that.felt.good.)
so we went to Wendy's for supper. but I think I told you that already, right? yep. and when we left, I was just sooo tired and ready to sleep, I left my purse on the table. I did. We drove to 6644 Toluca Ave. which took us about 8 min. considering all the stop lights were red. (I really don;t know that for a fact.) and I said James. MY PURSE. it's on that table in Wendy's. So we just turned around and drove back. I walked in and asked the 'waitress'. Did I leave my purse here?
Her eyes got BIG. and she said. 'that lady, she took it!'
She proceeded to tell me, which lady. And that the LADY had told her that MY $60 (knock-off at Ross for $18 ;)) NINE WEST  grey leather purse was HER 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER'S. ok. now I understand If you have absolutely nothing better to do with your purses, you mothers out there, you might give your 5 year  old girl an old purse. BUT. this purse was approximately the same size as her entire upper body. Do you know what I am saying. this was NOT a purse a 5 year old would carry. Now maybe had it been my red PRADA bag, which is considerably daintier, I could see. but unless you are 'SHOPAHOLIC'  herself, I really doubt your 5 year old would even carry PRADA.

James and I went after her, but to no avail. She was long gone johnny. So I called Ms. 911. and she sent me Mr. Police. and he asked me all kind of questions about what was in my purse, and how much it cost, and ya... all kinds. Then he told me to go home and cancel my credit cards. So I did.
But inside my heart was veeery heavy. Because. just not even a week ago, I had received an very important paper in the mail. MY SOCIAL SECURITY number. and it was in my purse. so I was sad.
But my heart was lightened when my 5 year old nephew called and informed me, that I could after all just go to Wal-Mart and buy a new one!!! (His other suggestion was not quite so comforting. That I would have a baby, and than that baby could buy me a new purse when it turned 6!!?? ya . not comforting. to wait 6 years and 9 months for a new purse. ugg.)

But, another thing we did do was sigh a prayer to Jesus that He would help us get that bag back. I was not the only one praying. I just needed it back, and there was others that knew and joined me in my prayer. (thanks :))

at 7:30 AM my mother-in-law gets a phone call, from the CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL . (otherwise known to the locals as CHP) that somebody had hung my purse on their entrance door early that morning. Nobody saw who it was, and we still do not know.

 But all I can say is that once again God showed His power and proved to me once again that He is in control!!!!!

So now I have my purse. everything is in it. BUT I CAN NOT GET MYSELF TO TOUCH IT. its's been man- handled by someone who was looking for money,identity, I dunno what. but its just GROSS. eck. So it sits in the back of the pick-up. Just in case I need proof of being a legal driver.

anybody want to clean it out for me??!!


  1. That is so awesome that you got it back!! I have left my purse/wallet in all manner of locations...including...arestaurant in Portland Oregon, Seatac Airport in Seattle, a service station washroom in Prince Edward Island....and I have always gotten it back ...once with the bit of cash removed and thrown on to the street...and once a whole year later in the mail with everything in it!! And, yes...we always have asked Jesus to help us find lost things. It works!!! But I also knew I needed to be a little more careful about hanging on to my purse!! lol

  2. Wow, that is amazing. What an answer to prayer. Don't worry soon enough you will be able to go through it and it will all just be a memory!

  3. wow, glad you got it back. Hey, just fyi, perhaps at some point (maybe a couple of times) check the credit bureau re: your credit rating because there have been instances where there has been Identity theft...and it is worthwhile to check just in case...even if you have cancelled all your cards (good that u did!) anyone with your SSN can get applications and order new credit cards with your name on them - so keep an eye out. I knew an MD in california that had that happen to her. It took her 20 years to straighten it all out, the person took out a drivers license and everything and got a criminal record and it created a lot of havoc and upset in their life esp when crossing borders or stopped by police ... once someone has your SSN, they can make your life miserable and the authorities, even tho sympathetic, have been known to put a person in lockup overnite until confirmed otherwise. :(

  4. Hey! I'm glad you got it back too! Isn't it amazing how God works? Jeff left his billfold on top of the van at a gas station on a trip and away we zoomed and didn't realize till an hour and a half later when we stopped to eat lunch that it was gone! We said a prayer and I called the house and someone had found it in the middle of the road. Not only that, but I called them and they were going the same direction as us and were only 10 minutes ahead of us! WOW! Happy for you!

  5. Wow, you really did have a terrible day! I'll admit I had to laugh about the mini-tantrum, I can just imagine how good that felt! But that bowl WAS cute, and I'm glad you got your purse back.

  6. Oh that's just terrible and wonderful all at the same time! I'm so glad you got it back even if it is a tad violated now.

  7. Oh my goodness what a wild story! I am so sorry you had to go through all that but how amazing it was returned with everything in it.

    Never a dull moment in your world.:)

  8. yes. I am truly greatfull that I got it back!!!
    @ CC- I am going in this next week to just get a whole new SSN number. I'll be ok with all that than right?

    thanks to all who commented:) it was great fun to get on here last night and see the response:) I love that!!! xo

  9. You need to write a book!

    But keep the purse to remind you of answered prayer, of God's love, of His care for the details of life.
    Thanks for sharing this story.... it encourages me.

  10. Grandma K.- this is my book;)- for now!
    and I like the thought about keeping the purse as a reminder of answered prayer. thanks:)

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