Thursday, July 29, 2010

eat.munch. and lowly petunias.

ok...get over the dirty dish in the sink...i always wash dishes as soon as were done eating!!! hello why does nobody believe me?? I made this funky border because I thought my kitchen needed - something... this very one is going for the low price of 15$ and if your imagination gives you more 'eat' words bring it on.. I wanna hear them... I figured out how to transfer pictures now.. so i will post all I have of the wall art I have done... and some of the other things i'm working on!! My friend Paula is picking me up to go to town today.. she has the darlingist little chubby muffin of a baby named Jenna(i think after me??!!lol) and James is off cleaning pools for the rich and wealthy... ooo how i wish you all could see the houses he goes to... you know those magazines you can get... like home magazines and house plan ones or gardening/yard ones..and you know the houses or yards that just look plum awesome and everything looks perfect and they have huge waterfalls and islands right in their own back yards and swimming pools and what not... and we all say ooo i want a house like that some day... but than you look at how much it costs or where its located and - that is where the story ends? you know what I am talking about? those are the houses where my husband goes to WORK. yup. lucky petunias will never do justice again. so long ...

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  1. Hey Jenn,

    Good to hear what is going on in your life! Looking forward to hearing more! :)
    Have a good you to the moon and back!


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