Saturday, July 31, 2010

bathrooms & love

good day everyone!! have any of you ever been on the wrong side of the bathroom door??? like the side where you are standing there with your legs crossed pounding on the door yelling at the top of your lungs ? i think we all have been actually!! enjoyable place to be.nope.any how... that ones going for the whopping price of - $15. you have to arrange it if you want it how it is shown. James did it for me. and no i will not do it for you because i suck at getting things on walls straight.I have a personal enemy and that is a level. I use my eyeballs. they tell me. if anybody cares if my stuff is straight or not...they do not love me. which brings us to- i Love you to the moon... a personal favorite of mine... (James' own words...aaaahhhh. i love that guy.) is going for $20. the love is actually in grey but you cant tell that in the picture:( james and I had a relaxing day at home today...for once. we went to a charming lil mexi place for supper and now some friends are comin over for brownies...oooeey gooey ones;) so that is all for tonight from this prairie girl... ill have some more stuff to show you before long... so long...

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