Saturday, July 31, 2010


hey the way if anybody wants any of these pics i've been showing...they are for sale. if your imagination has something it would like made? send me a comment or email. I'll be more than delighted to figure it out for you.I have a paypal account or if you are my buddy or pal or you seem like someone I would trust you could send me a cheque or cash. Just so you know- I'll be here whenever you need something for that special someone;) o and by the way again - I am going to be doing a post one of these days on the wedding scrapbook/memory book I did for a friend and after that I will be doing a baby book!! They are pretty scrappy and so if you are some one who likes the solid look of those Hallmark ones and all those silly lil weird things they leave spaces for -( at 2 months old- what new food does your baby like this month? my friend Paula's baby book has that in there.hellooo.does a 2 month old baby eat anything besides MILK??? is should hope not.eeek.) so long...

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