Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{ooo yes!!! another auction!!!}

Bath. Soap is extra. $0.25 mind you.
Make sure your guests nevah evah leave with out paying you a mighty quarter for
using your bar of Irish Springs!or for using the water as well!!! Hee Hee!!!

Make SURE  you email address is on each comment.
You can bid all you want!! (minimum to bid  up is $1.00 at a time!)
This comes a chocolattee brown. and measures all together approx. 18 inches long and 5.5 inches high.

Starting bid at $5.00 and it will be open to ANYBODY!!! until Monday August 22.

Fire away :)

and remember for more of my stuffy stuff head on over to my etsy store over there --------->
you'll see it! go! look! I also do pretty much any custom order as well!!

Good Day!


  1. I have a place for that! tloriklasen@yahoo.ca

  2. $6 hjtoews@gmail.com I like it!!!

  3. Yes,I like!I bid 8 dolla!!m

  4. i like it!! 10 would be my bid. annieloumarie@gmail.com

  5. ooooo love your new look!! Keep up your blogging! xoxo

  6. Totally love your new look; it perfectly compliments your blog title.

  7. do like yer new look! CR


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