Sunday, August 28, 2011

{menu planning}

Back again for some menu planning!!!

Don't forget to hop over to sorry about the mess and place your bid !!

Ok, so now that I started working full time... I am not including lunches on my menu.
I figured it in to my own plan but basically its going to be left overs or Lunchables for James, as I get free food where I work!!! (it's a bakery/cafe). Oh, and breakfasts are basically cereal, fruit, &/or toast :) so just dinners this week for ya!!!

Monday- BBQ Chicken Pizza, Ceaser Salad.
Tuesday- 'Slow Cooker Pork Chops" rice, green beans
Wednesday- Spaghetti, corn on the cobby, Baked Apples
ThursdayMexicali Crock Pot Chicken, fresh fruit salad
Friday- Tacos, applesauce
Breakfast- Pancakes or Crepes with fresh fruit.
Dinner-  Date night ♥  (i hope!!!)
Sunday- Roast Beef, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Applesauce w/ jell-o, lettuce salad.

I want to try and get more of my recipes up on the recipe tab... but until than, If there is a recipe you would like off of here, leave a comment and I will email it to you...

Toodles... ♥

ps. the 2 crock pot menus are 'links' click on them to go straight to the recipe!!


  1. That chicken dish sounds yummy and easy. What's not to like... Enjoy your new job!

  2. You make Jimmy eat Lunchables??? My 2 skunks will join him any day, but not my hubs... :) Good menu's but thank goodness for friends I don't have to cook this week!!

  3. Hello! He ADORES Lunchables :) I always feel bad sending that with him but give him crackers,cheese, n meat and he's happy:D


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