Sunday, May 22, 2016

{ little friends}

It was after church, we were sitting having snack with our dear friends (who leave Tuesday for Burkina Faso. ) Brynlee ,3, was sitting on her grandpas lap, Tessa was so determined to go sit on his lap too. So she went. (I'm not sure she's ever even seen this grandpa) and there they sat 2 little friends eating cupcakes. Brynlee would scoop a bite in to Tessa's mouth and then herself. Both completely oblivious to their surroundings and the impending big good-bye... They ate 2 cupcakes. And I just stared, burning that memory in to my head... 3 years is so long and I know they won't know each other when they meet again. Sorta breaks my heart beat but You can bet that I'll be telling this little story to Tess for the next 3 years...

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  1. Awe. If only we could be that child like & not worry about those goodbyes ahead of us.. xo


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