Monday, March 21, 2016

there's this little girl who stole my heart...

what? you say WHAT? I know, friends its been years, literally. i missed you, friendly keyboard and white screen, oh and also all of you!
 Long story short- I got pregnant, we moved to Alberta, had a baby, worked while my family and husband kept baby, moved back to California and here we are today...
 Tessa turned 2 Feb. 2. She is bald, about 30 inches tall, weighs about 30 pounds and is hilarious. I am partly saying that because I am her mother and partly because it is true. she talks NON -stop. talks as in literal sentences and big words,and she sings entire songs. I think I will give her the nick-name 'mag-pie'.{ as my dear old friend Penny used to call me. Ha ha! }
 so, how many of you are here still, anybody?


  1. sweet! I love to hear little people sing. It's so precious!

  2. I'm still here! And glad to hear from you! I was just looking at the update of your last post the other day and thought it's sure been a while since we've heard from Jenn! Grayson loves to sing too! His favorite is "tinkle tinkle lit-ah stah!"

    1. Yep I guess I just took a good long break ;) glad you're here!

  3. Hey you....good to see you back as well;) Hope you have a sunshine-y day!!

  4. I'm here! I'm here! It's so good to hear from you again!

  5. HEY! Miss you and you...lovely reading! Oui!


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