Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{again. pray}

Do you have a little kid in your life that adore? Your own little boy? A nephew, niece, 'god-child'....?
Do you sometimes wish your kids would quit fighting and screaming at each other? or quit terrorizing you?! :)
(I know you love them :) )
This mama just wishes already that she could hear her 2 little boys tearing it up in their own little house!!!

If you do than for the sake of a scared, tired out, ready for answers mommy and daddy. and for a little just turned 1 year old boy who is sick of getting 'poked' .
Please pray. Ashton's mommy and daddy are friends of mine from Alberta. and he is really really sick.
It started out as E.Coli and now turned into HUS..
If you want to learn more, and/or follow along in this hard time you can click here. to read more.

I believe in the power of prayer.
Do you?

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